Learn Your ABC's, Your Alphas and Omegas

from by Theatre of a Broken Mind



Infernal, immortal, lords of eternal night
rise again from worm clad earth at the setting of the sun

oh how can we stand against such timeless horrors
ancient predators who have slain thousands in their time

we are as cattle to them, no more than meat to be harvested
what hope do we have to survive this night

shaped like men but act as beasts
you'll shake to see the hate in their hungering eyes
for when you see the truth its already to late

like white masked devils they walk among our streets
the most violent murderer in the clothing of a sheep
you'll be taken in by their charming masquerade
but that visage is soon replaced to reveal the beast within

no greater predator has ever walked this earth
their strength was in telling us that they do not exist at all
hunting from the shadows of a nightmarish darkened world
attempting to slake their thirst or mans most precious blood


from Who Knows If You'll Survive, released December 21, 2012
Rob Melville



all rights reserved


Theatre of a Broken Mind London, UK

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