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once more they rise
earth sprouting like worms from a wound
necrotic limbs reach to the sky
an aberation
of all things natural
the one utter certainty now reversed

and so the dead, walk this earth once more
milk white eyes straining to the fore
no sound, do they utter
no breath escapes their lips
but with tooth and nail they'll claw at your flesh till it tears and rips

such damned and fetid things should never see the light
summoned back from beyond the grave to infest this night
within their rotting skin
mindless hunger drives them on to descend upon this world

a necrotic tide
scours the earth
heralding the ending of days
surrounded by flies
hear them in your ears
feel your nose filled with decay

called back unwillingly from the spirit world
returned to mouldering bodies deep within the earth
no thought for themselves as their ranks continue to swell
unthinking unknowing bent to their masters will

as the dead rise
hail the ending of your world
no hope can survive this night
run for your life
there's no where to hide
who know's if you'll survive


from Who Knows If You'll Survive, released December 21, 2012
Rob Melville



all rights reserved


Theatre of a Broken Mind London, UK

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